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  SHUTOV Sergei 

 Biographical information 
1955 Born in Potsdam, Germany.
1975-78 worked as loader and assistant in the State museum of art of the people of the East, Moscow
1978 member of the Municipal committee of graphic artists
1978 worked in State museum of fine art of A.S. Pushkin
1987 member of amateur association "Hermitage"
1987 member of Mayakovski’s Friends Club, Leningrad
1987 became the first academician of Academy of All Arts (Moscow - Leningrad), the Moscow branch of painting
1987 actor and the artist (together with M.Gauhman-Sverdlov) of "Assa" film ("Mosfilm" film studio, director Sergey Soloviev)
1986 participant of concerts of "Pop Mechanic" group
1989 head of branch of graphic art of the Free Academy (Moscow)
1993 president of Institute of technology of art
1994 head of a practical training of the Moscow art laboratory of new media at the George Soros Contemporary Art Center
Collaborated with radio station 106,8 as radio DJ (program Shutov-Assembly)
1994 author of first VJ sessions in Russia (Ptyuch club)
Artist of the Ptyuch magazine
2002 applicant of the State award of the Russian Federation in "fine arts" nomination
2005 Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt, Dusseldorf grant
Lives and works in Moscow.

 Collections where works are held 
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Moscow House of Photography, Moscow
Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow
Other Art Museum, Moscow
Art4Ru Museum, Moscow
MART, Rovereto, Italy
New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
Chronolux, Moscow
Lufthansa, Germany
Federation of the Migros Cooperatives, Switzerland
Microinform company, Moscow
Metafuturism foundation, Moscow
Mikhail Alshibaia, Moscow
Vladimir Antonichuk, Moscow
Maxim Bokser, Moscow
Pierre-Christian Brochet, Moscow
Vladimir Dobrovolski, Moscow
Dmitri Kovalenko, Moscow
Alexander Kronik, Moscow
Nikolay Palazhchenko, Moscow
Mikhail Tsarev, Moscow
Kiejld Bernager, Denmark
Peter Bier Freuind, Ludwigsburg
Christina Burrus, France
Volker Diehl, Berlin
Katja Granoff, France
Lis Janstrup & Jens Gregersen, Copenhagen
Olivier Mestelan, St. Petersburg
Claire Redon, Paris
Andre Schaleure, France
And other private and corporative collection in UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, France

 Participation in exhibitions and auctions 


1986 “In Memoriam Daniil Kharms”, State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovski, Moscow
Exhibition and performance at Detsky Sad art studios, Moscow

1989 “Sergey Shutov. Painting”, Katja Granoff Gallery, Paris (catalog)
“New Beginnings”, Barbizon Gallery, Glasgow (catalog)

1990 “Sergey Shutov. Painting”, Helen Drutt Gallery, New York
“Metal Graphics” (with Yury Avvakumov), Dominus Gallery, Moscow

1991 “Art”, Dominus Gallery, Exhibition hall at Tverskaya 25, Moscow

1992 “Labour”, Trust, Frankfurt
“Sensual Experiments”, Shkola Gallery, Moscow
“Illiquid Assets” (with Yury Avvakumov), First Gallery, Moscow

1994 “High and Low”, Central House of Cinematographers, Moscow
“Terminal TV”, ANIGRAPH`94 festival, Moscow

1995 “Caviar TV”, Ptyuch video gallery, Moscow
“Katya”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1996 “Healing art”, Paletot Gallery, Moscow (booklet)
“New and Old Russians”, L Gallery, Moscow
“Videophotography”, New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
“The Moon. The Moon”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1997 “New artworks” (with Aidan Salakhova), New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

1998 “Moon 2.0”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow (booklet)
“I do not eat anybody”, XL Gallery, Moscow (booklet)

1999 Sergey Shutov. Kulturforum in der Stadtresidenz, Oberursel, Germany
Young Russian Art in Oberursel (with Sergey Borisov and Ignat Daniltsev). Kulturforum in der Stadtresidenz, Oberursel, Germany
“Winter Landscape”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow

2000 “No aliens trespassing (Russian Interactive Landscape)”, XL Gallery, Moscow (booklet)

2001 “Nimbuses”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow
“ABACUS”, Russian Pavilion, IXL Venice Biennial, Biennial Gardens, Venice (catalog)
"Feedback (Abstract Art in Russia. The up-to-date technologies. ÕÕI century)" (with Sergey Sergheyev), D-137 gallery, St. Petersburg

2003 “SKY…SKY…”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow
“Carpet-Hydrangea”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2004 “Instead of Minotaur”, XL Gallery, Moscow (booklet)
“Carpet-Hydrangea. St. Petersburg”, Museum of Contemporary Art, New Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg
“Tops and Roots”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok; Novosibirsk Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia (booklet)
“Wage Labour and Capital”, Gallery KINO, Moscow

2005 “New thoughts about books”, Lisa Plavinskaya`s gallery, ArtStrelka center, Moscow
“Zukunfstroman 1”, Atelier Am Eck, Dusseldorf (booklet)
“The Major Project” (workshop), Lisa Plavinskaya`s gallery, ArtStrelka center, Moscow
“Sergey Shutov (from private collections)”, Contemporary Art Collectors` Gallery, ArtStrelka center, Moscow
“The Major Project (Russian Melancholy of Suzy Wong)”, Suzy Wong gallery, Moscow
“Abacus”, The Wapping Project, London

2006 “APOKASTASIS NOW”, Zverev center for contemporary art, Moscow (catalog)
"ICASTICA", Michela Rizzo gallery, Venice
"How did I spend the summer", Gallery KINO, Moscow (catalog)

2007 "Elevation", Krokin-gallery, Moscow

2008 Sergey Shutov. Sniper, Globe gallery. St. Petersburg (booklet)

2008 – 2009 Unavoidable and Unnecessary, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow.


1978-1985 Spring and Autumn exhibitions, Municipal Committee of Graphic artists, exhibition hall at Malaya Gruzinskaya, Moscow

1997 Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives`97, Maly Manege state exhibition hall, Moscow (catalog)
One’s own movie, Kodak-Kinomir movie theatre, Aidan gallery, Moscow
III Cetinje Biennial, Vladin Dom, Cetinje, Montenegro
Photography exhibition (New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
“Nonconformist Art” (contemporary art collection from the Tzaritzyno Museum-Reserve), Mucsarnok, Budapest
“Russian Portrait” (contemporary art collection from the Tzaritzyno Museum-Reserve), Caryatid exhibition center, Nizhniy Novgorod; Perm Municipal Picture Gallery, Perm

2000 Artists` Group Show in the New Gallery Space, Aidan Gallery, Moscow
Salute-attraction (Interactive art), Zverev contemporary art center, Moscow
“Instrumenta. Art of Useful”, Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives, Novy Manege exhibition hall, Moscow (catalog)
“Vienna Biennale”, Vienna

2003 – 2004 «Berlin – Ìîñêâà. Moscau – Áåðëèí. 1950-2000», Martin-Gropius-bau, Berlin (catalog)

2006 "RUSSIA!", Guggenheim museum, Bilbao, Spain (catalog)
"Time of changes. Art between 1960-1985 in Soviet union", State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg (catalog)
"Let the video be! Russan video art 1996 - 2006" in the framework of ART MOSCOW 2006 program, Central House of Artists, Moscow (booklet)
"VYBOR: SELECTION, CHOICE, ALTERNATIVE", Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives, Novy Manezh, Moscow (catalog)
"MESSAGES from Moscow Artists", HELIOS Fukuno Creative Cultural Center, Norito, Japan (catalog)
"New in collection", National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
"Soviet Alternative Art (1956-1988) from the Costacis collections", State Museum of contemporary art, Thessaloniki, Greece (catalog)
"Club culture and video ecstasy birth" in the framework of 5-th Moscow street video art festival PUSTO, club IKRA, Moscow
"Hermitage Society" 1986-1988, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Contour of light, State central museum of modern history of Russia, Moscow (catalog, 2008)

2007 "History of Russian Video Art. Volume 1", Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
"I Believe", WINZAVOD contemporary art center, Moscow (catalog)
"The Black Square" (ART Moscow Workshop), Central House of Artists, Moscow
The Future depends on you. Pierre Christian Brochet collection, 1989-2007, Moscow Museum of Modern art (MMOMA), Moscow (catalog)
10 Triennale Kleinplastik BODYCHECK, Fellbach, Germany (catalog)
Festival of North Norway, Harstad, Norway
The whales of the season-3, Krokin-gallery, Moscow
Glamour and anti-glamour, gallery Kino, Moscow
New Angelarium, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow (catalog)
Die Abteilung (Workshop). Art of Technologies, Cultural and exhibition center GALILEI, Moscow (catalog)
Design of Siberia, VII Museum Biennial, Krasnoyarsk museum center, Krasnoyarsk
Baroque, Moscow Museum of Modern art (MMOMA), Moscow (catalog)
Elements of light, State central museum of modern history of Russia, Moscow (catalog, 2008)

2007-2008 Art Against. Russian art since 1950 till today. Art works from Russian XX century Sandretti Foundation, MART, Rovereto, Italy (catalog)
«This is not food… / Ceci n’est pas nourriture…», Era foundation, Moscow (CD-catalog)

2008 Red Army Studio, The cultural foundation Ekaterina, Moscow
Kulibin, Krokin-gallery, Moscow
Discovery of light, State central museum of modern history of Russia, Moscow (catalog)
World of artist, Novy Hermitage gallery, Moscow (catalog)
The Tungus Matter, Krasnoyarsk museum center, Krasnoyarsk
Glasnost / Perestroika. Sots-art from 1980 to 1990 from the gallery collection, Diehl + One gallery, Moscow
Alena Solod and Maxim Boxer collections, Ravenscourt gallery, Moscow
The whales of the season-4, Krokin-gallery, Moscow
I love you Vienna/Stars of Russian video art, airport, Wien
Russian Dreams (program of Art-Maiami), Miami
Alice in the Wonderland, Polina Lobachevskaya’s gallery, Moscow

 Autobiographical notes 
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 What the critics say 
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P. Mighelson. Mama, maak ja ee

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