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  ANUFRIEV Sergey 

 Biographical information 
Born in 1964 in Odessa (Crimea, Ukraine).
Sergey Anufriev comes from a family of non-conformist artists originally from Moscow.
In 1986 Anufriev organized and was elected Chairman of the Club of Avangardists (CLAVA).
In 1987 he participated in the POP-Mechanics project and together with another Odessa-born artist Yuri Leyderman and a muscovite Pavel Pepperstein founded "Medical Hermeneutics Inspection"
1991 - one of the founders of "Clouds Commission" art group
1994-97 - professor in different artcolleges in Eastern Europe
1996 - Sergey Anufriev together with Eugene Shelipovsky and Andrey Sobolev found "Tarty" community in Moscow - art group, which produces secret practices in contemporary art
1998 - in Odessa founded "Kosa" community, which aimed to affirm probability of consciousness of a creative personality.
In the same year the publishing house Ad Marginem edited the first volume of Anufriev and Pepprstain`s novel "Mifogenous love of castes"
2001-2002 - works as art director of Guelman Gallery in Kiev, then in Moscow.
2003 - moves to St. Petersburg to develop experimental project in collaboration with Sergey Bugaev (Africa).
2004 - together with his friends founded "Russia" art community, which develops new pictorial practices

 Collections where works are held 
Private collections

 Participation in exhibitions and auctions 

1998 – “A Great Nobody`s” together with À. Nasonov and I. Dmitriev. L Gallery, Moscow
1995 – “A Souvenir`s Problem”. Blank Gallery, Kiev
1994 – “Mentale Landschaften Russlands” (together with Î. Ziangirova and Ì. Chuikova). Galerie Parzival, Berlin, Germany
1994 – “Aufder Such nach neuen “Nervi rennn” (together with Î. Ziangirova and Ì. Chuikova). Sprinkenhof, Hamburg, Germany
1993 – “Aqua Vita” (together with O. Ziangirova and Ì. Chuikova). Contemporary Art Museum, Odessa
1991 – “Sergei Anufriev – Alexander Gnilitsky”. Gallery 1.0, Moscow
1983 – Exhibition at N. Alexeev`s apartment. APTART, Moscow


2008 – “A Good Artist…”. Ru-Arts Gallery, Moscow
2008 – “Trash - Glamour”. Ru-Arts Gallery, Moscow
2007 - “I Belive”, installation Buratinia, Moscow
2006 - “Artists Against The State: Perestroika Revisited”. Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc, New York City, NY
2000 – “The Pole of Cold”. “Inspection Medical Hermeneutics" and Russian Art of the 90s”. National Higher School of Fine Arts, Paris
2000 – “Clava`s Lovers (Avant-gardists Club)”, 4th International Fair of Contemporary Art "Art-Moscow". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1999 – “MG Star. Inspection of Russian Art of the 90s”. Krasnoyarsk Museum & Exhibition Center, Krasnoyarsk
1999 – “A Wolf of a Man. Continuation of Hunting”. Tere Gallery, Odessa
1999 – “To Remember Everything”. TV Gallery, Moscow
1994 - Venice Biennale. The group is presented by the Sprovieri Gallery
1988 – “Baths” (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club. Sandunovsky Baths, Gents, Moscow
1987/88 – “In Hell” (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club, Moscow
1987 – First exhibition of Avant-gardists Club (CLAVA). Moscow
1987 – “Cubism”. Avant-gardists Club. Vrubel Gallery, Moscow
1987 – “Retrospective of Moscow Artists`s Works 1957-1987”. Amateur Association “Hermitage”, Moscow
1986 – “Art versus Commerce” (exhibition-action). Bitsa Park, Moscow
1984 – “Odessa-Moscow”. APTART Gallery, Moscow
1983 – “Come Yesterday and You`ll Be the First”. City Without Walls: Urban Artists Collective Inc. Contemporary Russian Art Center of America. New York, New Jersey, New York, USA
1983 – “APTART in Nature”. Kalistovo, Moscow Region
1983 – “APTART behind a Fence”. Tarasovka, Moscow Region
1982 – First APTART Exhibition. APTART Gallery, Moscow
1981/82 – “Russian New Wave”. Contemporary Russian Art Center of America. Soho. International Art Center. New York, USA

 Autobiographical notes 

 What the critics say 

The Pole of Cold. "Inspection Medical Hermeneutics" and Russian Art of the 90s "Catalogue" – Paris: ENSBA, 2000;
Anufriev S., Pepperstein P. Mythogenic Love of Casts. – Ì.: Ad Marginem, 1998.

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