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 Biographical information 
1973- born in Moscow.
1990-1995- Moscow Teachers State University.
1994-2000- International School of the Theater of Synthesis and Animation INTERSTUDIO, branch of the Saint-Peterburgian State Academy of Theatrical Arts (Tsarskoye Selo).
Since 1995- member of Emergency Exit Group ( Jury Sobolev Art School)
Since 1996- member of International Society A-ß, probationer of Workshop of Paratheatrical Forms, INTERSTUDIO.
Since 1997- Curator School (Center of Contemporary Art, S-Petersburg), senior teacher in INTERSTUDIO, aspirant of Psychological Institute (Educational Academy of Russia, Moscow),"Psychology of artistic anti-behavior" thematic, curator of Emergency Exit Group.
1999- student of the course "New Art Strategies", (Institute of Contemporary Art, Soros Foundation, Moscow).
Since 2000- collaboration with gallery "Escape", the member of program Escape together with V. Ayzenberg, Bogdan Mamonov and Anton Litvin.
Since 2000-2005 - editor of Moscow Art Magazin.
Since 2001- member of "Leto" group.
Lives in Moscow.
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 Collections where works are held 

 Participation in exhibitions and auctions 


2008 "Dream Catchers, or UMTTN", Freud`s Dreams Museum, Institute for Psychoanalysis, S-Petersburg;
"Knots", photo. Ru.litvin gallery, ArtStrelka, Moscow;

"Nexus", Performance Art Festival "Kortch", The Art Museum of Yaroslavl,Yaroslavl, Russia;

Drama-masquerade, performance, installation, objects. “Belka&Strelka”
gallery St.Petersburg;

"Flat art" (together with ESCAPE group) objects (polystirol, arocal). "Collector`s Club" Gallery, Art-Strelka, Moscow;

"4/4" (together with ESCAPE group), multimedia project. National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow;
"Salute!" (together with ESCAPE group), project. One Work Gallery, Moscow;
"Dizziness" (together with ESCAPE group), video installation. "Metaphysics of hope" exhibition, Arsenal, Kremlin, Nizhniy Novgorod;

"Win/Lose", ESCAPE gallery, Moscow;


Chehov`s Festival, Elverket, Drama Theater, Stockholm;
Fountain Art Fair, Winwood, Miami, USA;
The UnFair 07, ArtHaus, Miami Beach, USA;
"Video Exhibition: between Europe and Asia. Videoart programm", The State University of Samara, Samara;
International Video Festival "Out Video" in Public Spaces, Ekaterinburg;
VI Outdoor festival of video art "Pusto-2", Moscow;
Workshop of Art-Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow;
"Artist`s Diary" exhibition , Central House of Artists, Moscow;

Exhibition "Voices of Silence", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel;
14th International Performance Art Festival “Castle of Imagination”, Schloss Broellin, Germany/OFFicyna Gallery, Szczecin, Poland;
International Video Festival "Out Video" in Public Spaces, Ekaterinburg, Moscow;
Art-Moscow Fair, Central Artist’s House, Ravenscourt Galleries,Moscow;
Exhibition of “Black Square” Reward laureates, "Na Brestskoj" ñlub, Moscow;

"Portret of a face" exhibition, MARS gallery, Moscow;
"Europalia" festival, Brussel;
"Pusto" video festival, Moscow, Ekaterinburg;
"Ours in Venice" party, Arsenal, Kremlin, Nizhny Novgorod;
Exhibition "We", Forum of Art Initiatives, New Manege, Moscow;
Exhibition dedicated to Jury.Sobolev, "Platforma" club, S-Petersburg;
51 Venice Biennale, Russian pavilion, Gardini, Venice;
Exhibition "The Trinity", Russian Gallery, Òallinn, Estonia;
Exhibition "Sharp Technologies", Taimyr Cactus Festival, Museum of history and developing of Taimyr Region, Norilsk;
Exhibition "Beyond the red horizon. New art from Poland and Russia". National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Exhibition "Gender Trouble". 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow;
Exhibition "Accomplices. Collective and Interactive Works in Russian Art of the 1960s-2000s", The State Tretyakov Gallery, 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow;
Exhibition "Human project". 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Central Artist`s House, Moscow;
Exhibition "Hope-stop". 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Zverevsky Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow;
International Fair "ARCO", Madrid, Spain;

Exhibition "Beyond the red horizon. New art from Poland and Russia". Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland;
ArtKlyazma festival, Bay of Joy;
"Silence Day", Gallery "Rotonda", Moscow;
Åxhibition "Íà êóðîðò! Russische kunst heute", Staatliche Kunsthalle. Baden-Baden, Germany;
Videoart program "Electric Visions", "Na Brestskoj" Club, Moscow;
Art-Moscow Fair, Central Artist`s House, Moscow;
Exhibition "OK, America!". Curator: Peter Noever. Gallery "APEX", New-York;
"Mimicry" exhibition, Kolomyagi, T. Nazarenko studio, S-Petersburg;
Forum of Art Initiatives, New Manege, Moscow;
"Metaphysics of hope" exhibition, Arsenal, Kremlin, Nizhniy Novgorod;

"Emergency Exit", Reserve Palace, Tsarskoye Selo;
IV International Biennial SPATIA NOVA, Saint-Petersburg;
"Ready-made in design", workshop by Christian Herrmann (Germany), Reserve Palace, Tsarskoye Selo;
"Emergency Exit", TV-gallery, Moscow;

"Boundaries", "Spider & Mouse" Gallery, Moscow.

Performances, installations, objectes:

"Thread - Needle", performance;
"The Absolute Success", "The Scheme", actions. Art-Moscow Fair, Central Artist`s House, Moscow;
"The Knot of the Matter-3", performance, installation
"The Knot of the Matter-2", performance, installation;
"The Knot of the Matter", performance, installation;

"Identification", performance;

"Signs of Distinction", installation;
"The Artist, perished because of explosion on the eve of the vernisage" (together with ESCAPE group), total installation.

"Two Zoos", performance;
"In Remembrance of Yuri Sobolev";
"Where the wind blows", performance;

"The Past and the Past", performance;
"Secular talks", performance;
"High and Low", installation;
"Four elements of LETO" - four actions;
"Agoraphobia", performance, installation;

"Testing", performance, installation;
"My shopping", performance;
"Gold rain. Curtain t", installation;
"Models of relationships", installations;
"The path of Art-Woman" Performance
"Beware of being popular, or Overlighted artistes";

"Untuchable reserve", performance, installation (together with V. Bystrov);
"Slow way-2", performance;
"Near and Around", performance;

"No new messages"(dedicated to Elvis Presli);
"Space modem (dedicated to Breygel)";
"Slow way-1", performance;
"Vanity bag", videoinstallation;
"4/4", installation;
"No new messages"(dedicated to A.S. Pushkin), installation;
"Slow way", performance;
"Museification-3", installation;

“Museification-3”, Photo installation
"Museumization-2", performance;
"Dedication to Marina Abramovich and Iosef Bois", performance, installation;
"Cradle-song", performance, installation;

"Museumization -1", performance;
"Dedication to the things";

"From shadow`s life", performance, installation;
"Kiryalnik", object;
"Performance`s place", performance;

"Denotation of a body", performance;

 Autobiographical notes 

 What the critics say 

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"Where do artist run spaces run?", article by Marian Zhunin, "Moscow Art Magazine" #40. 2001, p. 87-89.

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