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Group was organised in 2000.

Misha LEYKIN. Born 1968.
1997 – 2001 a member of group «Iced architects»
Education — Moscow Architectural Institute (1994).

Masha SUMNINA. Born 1977.
Education — Moscow Academy of Printing(2001).

 Collections where works are held 

 Participation in exhibitions and auctions 
2010 "Ñity", Open Gallery, Moscow
2009 Sputnik Art Tsum
2009 «Temptation». Open Gallery, Moscow
2009 «Dead Souls». Literary museum, Moscow.
2009 «Europian Atelier». CHA, Moscow
2009 «Absolut Creative Future». Winzavod, Moscow
2009 «The Stone Soup». Atelier#2, Moscow
2009 «The secret life of bodies». Open Gallery, Moscow
2009 «Future starts here». Moscow
2008 «Russian Dreams», Buss Museum, Ìaiami.
2008 «Apples fall simultaneously in different gardens». Winzavod, Moscow
2008 «Laboratoria. Experience 1». Laboratoria Art and Science Space, Moscow
2008 «Capitalism as religion». NCCA, Moscow
2007 Short list in a nomination «Artist of year» of Kandinsky Award
2007 «Veru». Winzavod, Moscow
2007 «Wit Works Woe». Literary museum, Moscow.
2007 Performance «SuperJew gives an advice». Art-strelka, Moscow.
2007 A personal exhibition «SuperJew made in China». ABS gallery, Moscow.
2006 Personal exhibition «Atlas», ABS gallery, Moscow.
2006 A collective exhibition «Mini», ABC gallery Moscow.
2004, 2007 Exhibitions «Mastskaya Art-Moskva», CHA.
2000 Collective exhibition «Defile», L-gallery, Moscow.

2007 «7 towers of Shargorod city» — a city sculpture, Shargorod, Ukraine
2007 «The Man who Broke through the wall» the Short list of projects of a monument to B.N.Yeltsin, organized by museum.
2003 The project «Memorial wind organ». Finalists of competition on the Memorial to the victim of 9/11, inhabitants of the State of New Jersey.
2002 Finalists of competition on the Memorial to the victim of 9/11, inhabitants of the Staten Island. Together with Shenker Architects.
2001-2005 Objects «the Physiognomy of winds». Were exposed in Moscow in Architectural museum’s «Ruins», Art-Klyazma, in Tallinn’s Fat Margarita, in StPetersburg.
2001 The project «Robot-beggar», is realized in New York together with Jayson Klotz. In 2004 robot has a personal exhibition «Robot on rush» in Leadbased Gallery, New York.

2007 III place at exhibition SaloneSatellite in Moscow.
2007 The stand at SaloneSatellite in Milan
2007 I award in a nomination «the Subject in space» at competition «Under a house roof», Moscow
2006 Grand prix at exhibition FIDEXPO in Moscow.
2006 «Lamp-coil’ok» the finalist of competition Design Innovation Award in Moscow.
2006 An armchair «@-chair» the finalist of competition Dauphin in Moscow.
2004 Bamboo lamp - I place, Russian Orthodox lamp - III place at competition «100 % Design Created in Russia».
2004 The stand at an exhibition of «100 % Design» in London.
2004 I award at competition Design Innovation Award in a nomination «Design of an interior» in Moscow (together with the Icing of Architects).
2001 III Award at the international competition «Domestic Kitchen» (together with the Iced Architects).
2000 I Award at competition «the Bridge of 21 centuries in Moscow» (together with the Iced Architects).

 Autobiographical notes 

 What the critics say 

"The secret life of bodies" // open gallery publication, moscow 2009

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