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ARTINFO Multimedia Publisher possess all the technological and creative facilities necessary for CD-ROMs' publishing including the custom-made ones.

The first volume of Vladimir Vysotsky. The Complete Multimedia Collection, published on the 25th of January 1998 being bestseller and taking the high positions in Top100 and ratings reflecting the opinions of "Home Computer" (" ") magazine readers. The CD's high professional performance was marked by four prizes of the contest of CD-ROMs "Content. Autumn - 97": special prize of the jury, special prize for "the best Russian language of multimedia product" established by Institute of the Russian Language of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), prize for the best design and audience prize.

Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts CD-ROM series being published since 1994 is one of the few Russian CD-ROMs successfully marketed abroad without any adaptation.

Benefits of a multimedia CD-ROM as the mean of a company, a project etc. presentation

Estimated price for the custom-made CD-ROM.

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Benefits of a multimedia CD-ROM as the mean of a company, a project etc. presentation.

Efficiency of any presentation in many ways defined by the means used for presentation of necessary information.

Degree of influence of one and the same information on the audience, by our opinion, fully depends on following main factors:

Thereby in any modern presentation program as a rule being used all forms of information presentation. However using the old technologies creates a number of essential difficulties in accordance with these programs development and their demonstration requiring an essential kit of equipment - audio and video devices, different projectors for demonstrations of materials on hard carriers (slides, transmission film) and etc. Need to use given devices imposes the greater restrictions on the presentations undertaking from the point of transportability and the cost of purchasing or leasing of necessary equipment, as well as on the possibility of such presentational programs distribution to interested individuals for a private use.

Besides, this technology imposes strong restrictions on the information volume can be offered to a user. Essential defect of these technologies also being a lack of interactivity i.e. linearity of such presentational programs, possibility of only consequent viewing of information prepared in advance.

Unlike the old one the modern computer technologies meet all the above requirements ensuring multimedia presentation of greater volumes information in both single-line and interactive modes. Herewith for the presentation of this information personal computer with a large monitor or translucent panel together with a usual overhead projector are necessary. In combination with CD-ROMs application this technology allow one to create integrated presentational products with extremely low replication cost and resulting thence possibility of their mass communication or distribution to interested individuals for a private viewing.

Estimated prices and the budget for a custom-made CD-ROM in USD.

# Operations Price
1 Creation of the draft scenario of presentation (performer and a customer jointly) 2000
2 Selection of material Customer


Purchasing of necessary materials and licensing of their application 


Processing of the basic materials


scanning of 200 slides and images digitizing - 2$ per slide


audio and voice information digitizing (English)


the English narrator recording (30 minutes):
studio leasing - 200 $ per day;
the narrator fee - 200 $;


If Russian version is needed:
- translation 10$ per page 
- the Russian stylist fee
- the Russian narrator/studio 



digitizing, editing and nonlinear montage, generation of avi and mpg files (30 minutes)


joint montage of music, texts, video and diagrams



Interface design including the creation of 10 full screen images



Program and informational shell,
Testing and editing



CD and the package design



Premastering and testing



Overhead expenses 15%


The total estimated budget is( not including the edition processing): 10000$ - 12000$

CD replication and it's cost:

a) price of 1000 CD replication at DADC SONY in digitpack CIF Moscow: 2000 $
) price of 1000 CD replication at Ekaterinburg factory in standard pack CIF Moscow including the price of insert CIF Moscow: 1000 $.

(This expenses may not be included in the contract. In this case they will be covered by the Customer directly by the edition invoice).

The Total estimated budget of edition including 1000 CD replication: 12000$ - 14000$


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